The Other Sasa

(The other) Sasa, in Hong Kong

(The other) Sasa, in Hong Kong

When I began my venture of picking a business name, I originally wanted to go with “Sasa”. It held meaning to me. When choosing a name for my business, I wanted to research and see what names were already trademarked. The last thing I wanted was having to possibly change the name down the road or -worse- if someone already had legal rights to it and decided to come after me.

When I did my research, I discovered that Sasa was already a name for a big cosmetic company in Asia. Though my Sasa would have been a completely different (micro) company, nothing to do with cosmetics, and not registered in Asia, I didn’t want to have to jump through extra hoops and possibly get into any legal trouble down the road.

So, I went with Sasa Loo. For all I knew, it was a completely made up name but still held meaning to me. I later found out that Sasa Loo wasn’t a made up name, either. There are tons of people with the name Sasa Loo, in Asia. Who knew!

So, when we were walking around Hong Kong, recently, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the real Sasa. It was like coming around, full circle. An all around cool experience of putting a real face to the name, so to speak, of “the other” Sasa. How often do you get to actually see, in person, the business with the name you originally wanted?! Taking a look around, it’s pretty much the equivalent of Sephora, in the states.

I just had to get a picture!

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