Back Stitch + A Knotless Start

I know I just posted a tutorial on a knotless start, so you might be wondering “Why is she posting a tutorial on the exact same thing?” Well, the truth is, I wrote out the draft for the first tutorial about a month ago. It didn’t sit well with me when I realized that my example wasn’t very representative of my own doll making process. But we were in the middle of a vacation-athon, so I held off with a new tutorial until now. Plus, this tutorial was supposed to be more about the back stitch. However, since I also use the knotless start, I figured I’d recover both subjects on one post.

I’m a big fan of picture tutorials. I have a lot of fun putting them together and editing. I hope I put it together as easily to follow as possible.

** A quick note!! I find it extremely helpful to dot key points, where I want my stitch to end/begin. Especially when it comes to the base of the lashes or intersection lines of the lips. I do this so that I’m not creating a new hole, where I don’t want one to be. It looks more fluid this way. 


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