Patchwork Cuddle Kokeshi

When I first started sewing kokeshi, I made my first ones with some gorgeous mint and light blue blossoms. The pattern then was very different than the way I make them now. I didn’t have much of two of the prints, as they were purchased from a fellow sewist who was destashing her drool worthy collection. I was so in love with the colors, I almost didn’t want to cut the meager one yard and half yard I bought. The few that I made and offered were loved and I quickly ran out of all but a few scrap pieces. Away into a bag for safe keeping they went… until now!

Well, I planned on making two to add to my shop. I had just enough for the back. It was a great way to show how the pattern I offer in my shop can be used for dolls without the fur and fuzz. Sweet and simple. But I started getting sentimental about how it was the same fabric as my original design. Needless to say, I decided to keep one for myself and find a new loving home for her twin. Identical from the front, the one I have isn’t adorned with the same large blue blossom on her back. Though I have enough scraps to make a third one, I do not have a large enough solid piece for the back. Maybe I’ll make a mini cuddle… Or hang on to the last bits for some future project, lol. I haven’t decided.

This bright and cheerful cuddle kokeshi is wearing her heart in plain view. A symbol of the love she has to give!  She is just waiting for her new home in my Etsy shop.


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