Heirloom Unicorn Dolls and Snapdragon Meadow

Unicorns, unicorn dolls, unicorn art, unicorn decor, for the young and young at heart… one never seems to outgrow the myth and magic. They are timeless. They can live for hundreds of years and the whimsy that surrounds them is captivating. I've always been a horse lover in general and I just had this giddy feeling inside when I sat down to draft the pattern for this doll.

I had decided in December, 2016, that I wanted to create a fantasy world within my brand. Where I had before only focused on cultural inspiration, I realized the equal importance of our own inner world. Imagination is a healthy part of a child's development and I believe it is a building block to creative thinking as an adult. There are so many wonderful magical worlds that people know and have fallen in love with. I wanted to create my own, that was as timeless as its residents and that could grow with you.

Snapdragon Meadow is a world that I'm still building on. Having launched the collection in December, it's primary residents thus far are unicorn mares. They walk on two legs, live in cottages, bake, sing, and listen intently. These peaceful neighbors live in the meadow, the surrounding woods, among clouds and rainbows, and as far away as the moon. Each heirloom doll I create represents an individual mare and I imagine her own story. Where she lives, her interests, and a bit of her personality… maybe she's shy and finds that reading a good book is her favorite pastime. Perhaps she enjoys having her closest friends over for some homemade treats.

When each of my mares reaches her new home, I want her new best friend to have a starting point and to already feel like she knows her. She can be a source for made up bedtime stories that are specific to that doll. For my adult collectors, she's a companion and possibly a source of inspiration. By sending each one with a bit of their own personal background, and what they might currently be doing, you can take that first "page" and let your imagination run with it for decades and generations to come.

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