The Other Sasa

(The other) Sasa, in Hong Kong

(The other) Sasa, in Hong Kong

When I began my venture of picking a business name, I originally wanted to go with “Sasa”. It held meaning to me. When choosing a name for my business, I wanted to research and see what names were already trademarked. The last thing I wanted was having to possibly change the name down the road or -worse- if someone already had legal rights to it and decided to come after me.

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Taking the leap!

Hello digital universe!

I finally did it. After months and many levels of indecisiveness about which blogging platform to go with, I made a commitment. It wasn’t easy. I thought and overthought this decision. Should I go with a free site that’s not included with a selling platform? How does this price compare to that price, over there? I get more storage with this one but I can┬ácustomize the heck out of that one! Pros and cons to everything. Continue reading