{ Policies }

All patterns, language/wording, and images within are created and owned solely by Monica Brenoskie and are copyrighted © by Monica Brenoskie. Any sharing, distributing, or replicating a Monica Brenoskie pattern electronically or with a physical copy is illegal. I maintain the right to update policies without prior notice. For the most current guidelines for personal use / being able to sell finished items using a pattern / selling finished items based off of a Monica Brenoskie work or pattern please read below…


Please email me with any questions: monica@sasaloo.com

  1. You may use this particular pattern to make dolls for your own personal use, as a gift, or to sell. The following policies apply:

  1. This pattern cannot be shared with anyone. I worked many long hours to put my beloved creations on paper just for you, the original purchaser.

  1. You may sew more than one doll from this pattern. However, dolls made cannot be mass-produced and is intended for personal use or cottage industries only. Each doll must be sewn one at a time – by you, the purchaser.

  1. If you are a cottage industry and have helpers/employees that assist with any portion of the doll, each individual must purchase their own copy of this pattern directly from my shop.

  1. If this pattern is used in a class or group setting, each individual must purchase their own copy directly from my shop and maintain a receipt.


{What if I want to Sell or donate?}

  1. To sell or donate any finished doll or altered item from a Monica Brenoskie design online or in a Brick and Mortar/physical shop :

The wording “Made from an original Monica Brenoskie design” or “altered from an original Monica Brenoskie pattern” in the item’s description/ item details if you blog, post online, or sell on any public platform (Etsy, Big Cartel, donated to charity, sold or donated for auction, enter in a contest, etc). You must also provide a link to either:

sasaloo.com     or     Facebook.com/sasaloodesigns

If the item is sold in a physical location (craft fair, fundraiser, market, donated to a live charity or auction event), the wording “Made from an original Monica Brenoskie pattern” or “Altered/Adapted form an original Monica Brenoskie pattern” must be on a physical tag.

*For personal use or as a gift, this is not required.

  1. You may make acceptable alterations to my pattern, but credit must still be given to Monica Brenoskie as the original designer and provide a link to sasaloo [dot] com or my online shop on your tag.

  1. Any alterations are considered Derivative Work. Credit must still be given to Monica Brenoskie as the original designer your work is based off of or it will be considered an infringement on my copyright.

  1. ACCEPTABLE alterations include:

     * using different material(s) for the body and face

     * altering the size, face, decor, or detailing

     * mixing elements from one Monica Brenoskie purchased pattern to another Monica Brenoskie purchased pattern.

  1. UNACCEPTABLE alterations include:

     *taking any part or element of a Monica Brenoskie pattern to in combination with another designer’s pattern or your own design.

     *Replicating or altering my pattern to make a new pattern with the intent to sell or distribute in any way form, either in turning it into a bear or other animal. Then selling that pattern or finished doll.

     *creating work in a different medium based on a Monica Brenoskie design or pattern and calling it an original design.

If you have any questions,  please reach out to me by email. monica@sasaloo.com

Thank you for your support and for your interest in my cloth art!