Baby Shower Rag Doll


This tiny girl is sporting the initials of her new tiny owner.

I don’t go to a lot of baby showers. But when I do happen to get an invite, I love making my gifts. I sometimes feel bad not giving the necessities, like diapers or bottles, knowing first hand how much you go through a pack of diapers. But I love that the doll I give will be a playmate and be a part of their memories. If you know a little about the story of why I started sewing, you’ll know that this thinking is the exact spark that got me going.

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Cutting table skirt (part 1)

We currently live in about a 1500 square foot, pretty old, concrete house. –Living in Okinawa, Japan, our homes have to be able to withstand typhoons and earthquakes. – Our living room/dining room is open concept, which helps make the space feel bigger. Plus, we have a one year old and four year old who need space to run around, so staying out in the open made the most logical sense. My studio is out in our main family space, right by a large window. For the short amounts of time for which my one year old is occupied nearby with her toys, I can be in my space and create. Continue reading